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Orthopaedic Cortex Screw 4.5mm

Specifications: B006 4.5mm Cortex Screws (1.75mm Pitch / 14 TPI) B006.12 12 Mm Length B006.14 14 Mm Length B006.16 16 Mm Length B006.18 18 Mm Length B006.20 20 Mm Length B006.22 22 Mm Length B006.24 24 Mm Length B006.26 26 Mm Leng ... Continue

Orthopedic Cortex Screw 3.5mm 1.25mm Pitch

Specifications: B004 3.5mm Cortex Screws (1.25mm Pitch / 20 TPI) B004.10 10 Mm Length B004.12 12 Mm Length B004.14 14 Mm Length B004.16 16 Mm Length B004.18 18 Mm Length B004.20 20 Mm Length B004.22 22 Mm Length B004.24 24 Mm Leng ... Continue

Orthopedic Implants Self Tapping Cortex Screw

We Are An Eminent Entity Engaged In Offering An Extensive Range Of Quality Assured Orthopedic Implants Self Tapping Cortex Screw. Offered Cortex Screw Is Usually Blunt Ended And To Minimize Damage To The Soft Tissue, This End Should Extend Only A Few ... Continue

2.4 Mm Self Tapping Cortex Screw

We Have A Huge Range Of Orthopedic Product Covering Hip, Knee And Shoulder Implants, External Fixation, Spinal And Trauma Implants, Hip Spacers, Knee Spacers, Maxillofacial Implants And Instrumentation And Nailing Systems For All The Above Areas Spec ... Continue

Orthopedic Self Tapping Cortex Screws

Specifications: B002 3.5mm Cortex Screws (SELF TAPPING) B002.10 10 Mm Length B002.12 12 Mm Length B002.14 14 Mm Length B002.16 16 Mm Length B002.18 18 Mm Length B002.20 20 Mm Length B002.22 22 Mm Length B002.24 24 Mm Length B002 ... Continue

Orthopedic Implants Cortex Screw 4.5mm

Specifications: B0064.5mm Cortex Screws (1.75mm Pitch / 14 TPI) B006.1212 Mm Length B006.1414 Mm Length B006.1616 Mm Length B006.1818 Mm Length B006.2020 Mm Length B006.2222 Mm Length B006.2424 Mm Length B006.2626 Mm Length B006.2828 Mm Length B006. ... Continue

Orthopedic Implants Cortex Screw

With Highly Driven Technical Excellence, We Have Been Able To Offer Our Clients With Quality Tested Orthopedic Implants Cortex Screw. These Orthopedic Eco Cages Are Designed With The Help Of Quality Tested Material & Modern Techniques In Accordan ... Continue

2.4 Mm Self Tapping Cortex Screws

We Bond Well Ortho Products Are India's Reputed Manufacturer, Exporter And Supplier Of Orthopedic Implants And Instruments. We Are Manufacturing Best Quality Orthopedic Implants And Orthopedic Instruments As Per ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management Syst ... Continue